Providing Asset Management and Advisory Services to TIC Owners

Bridger Asset Management LLC ("BAM"), a division of Bridger Commercial Funding, to date has been retained as an asset management and special situation management specialist by a number of TIC investor groups. BAM staff are specialists in managing disruptions like those that TIC investors face because of a Sponsor's bankruptcy or financial or other difficulty.

BAM provides asset management and advisory services during the transition period and following. The terms of our engagement are flexible to meet TIC owners' varying requirements. For further information on our experience and ability to assist you, please contact:

Paul O'Rear, Senior Vice President
Peter Grabell, Executive Vice President

The Attorney's Role

While the Asset Manager is engaged by each TIC investor to preserve the investment value through comprehensive property assessment and oversight, each TIC separately engages counsel to:

  1. Provide investor representation at bankruptcy court proceedings.
  2. Advise on tax matters pertaining to retention of Tax-Deferred Exchange status under Internal Revenue Code Section 1031.
  3. Advise and document any restructuring of the TIC Operating Agreement and Master Lease.

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