Providing Asset Management and Advisory Services to TIC Owners

Bridger Asset Management LLC ("BAM"), a division of Bridger Commercial Funding, to date has been retained as an asset management and special situation management specialist by a number of TIC investor groups. BAM staff are specialists in managing disruptions like those that TIC investors face because of a Sponsor's bankruptcy or financial or other difficulty.

BAM provides asset management and advisory services during the transition period and following. The terms of our engagement are flexible to meet TIC owners' varying requirements. For further information on our experience and ability to assist you, please contact:

Paul O'Rear, Senior Vice President
Peter Grabell, Executive Vice President

How Bridger Asset Management Advisory Services Can Help

It is imperative for you to take action to protect your DBSI property investment in the wake of DBSI’s bankruptcy filing on November 10, 2008. Your most cost effective approach is to retain a qualified Asset Manager/Advisor to work side-by-side with legal counsel. An Asset Manager is a real estate professional and will handle all property-related functions at a fraction of the cost of a legal firm. The Asset Manager will provide critical professional guidance to help you:

  1. Ascertain where property revenues have gone and ensure property tax, insurance and leasing escrows are protected;
  2. Provide workout strategies and options in addressing the bankrupt entities;
  3. Maintain your investment’s 1031 Tax-Free Exchange status under the Internal Revenue Code;
  4. Ensure the performing status of the underlying mortgage indebtedness on the property.

Separately, counsel will represent your interests in any legal proceedings. Bridger is being retained as Asset Manager and Advisor by certain DBSI TIC investors because of our knowledge of DBSI and commercial property investments. Bridger provided first mortgage financing on 37 properties that DBSI acquired and subsequently sold TIC interests. Our professional staff includes bank-trained property workout and management specialists who will quickly assess property conditions, employ strategies to stabilize each property and ensure that each property is operated under a mandate of protecting, preserving and maximizing TIC investor capital.

To learn how Bridger will protect your DBSI property investment, please contact: Paul O’Rear, Senior Vice President 415-289-3239

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